Reflecting Flame II – Large

Reflecting Flame wall hung sculpture for candles by design duo Christian + Jade. The Reflecting Flame is made in hammered aluminum that reflects the light of the lit candle. Its form plays on the flickering movement of a flame, creating a backdrop that radiates and emphasizes its light.

Each piece is crafted, hammered and finished by hand.

Limited edition 15/20.

Small Dropglass – Set of 4

Roos Van de Velde is a visual artist who is inspired by nature. Nature is the thread that runs through all of her designs with a recurring and strong underlying presence. Her china service symbolises innovation in different fields. It was the first time a collective was produced where the imperfection, the flaws and the coincidence during the production process were given a reason to exist. The service is like balancing on a thread: the perfect imperfection.

Glassware comes as a set of 4.