Reflecting Flame II – Large

Reflecting Flame wall hung sculpture for candles by design duo Christian + Jade. The Reflecting Flame is made in hammered aluminum that reflects the light of the lit candle. Its form plays on the flickering movement of a flame, creating a backdrop that radiates and emphasizes its light.

Each piece is crafted, hammered and finished by hand.

Limited edition 15/20.

Small Dropglass – Set of 4

Roos Van de Velde is a visual artist who is inspired by nature. Nature is the thread that runs through all of her designs with a recurring and strong underlying presence. Her china service symbolises innovation in different fields. It was the first time a collective was produced where the imperfection, the flaws and the coincidence during the production process were given a reason to exist. The service is like balancing on a thread: the perfect imperfection.

Glassware comes as a set of 4.

Organic Pawn Stool Green

Pawn by Serax is a multifunctional collection of stools and side tables, designed by Belgian Marie Michielssen. The designer wanted to play with different colours, materials and geometric shapes to create a collection that is decidedly mismatched. Nevertheless, all Pawn products go together seamlessly and can be arranged in groups, each piece playing a double role as a stool or a side table.

The Pawn stool can be placed as a nightstand in the bedroom, a small side table next to the sofa or a stool around the dining table.

Black Daphine Terra Floor Lamp

Since 1975 this lamp has represented the essence of Lumina Italia. The Daphine Terra lamp has represented the essence of Lumina. It is displayed in some of the most famous museums of modern art and design in the world. Daphine Terra is a timeless synthesis of function and form: an articulated arm, with a pivoting diffuser, mounted on a transformer.

The floor lamp is metal with an articulated arm and a diffuser pivoting on 360°. The base of the lamp is cast iron (black varnished) which reveals the two step switch and dimmer.

Ivory Gradient Shaded Porcelain Dishes

Ann Demeulemeester and Serax’s collaborative set of two ivory high plates are subtly gradated at the rim with black shading, which nods to the Belgian designer’s chiaroscuro influences. They’re handcrafted from fine porcelain that’s shaped to a wide bowl. Use them to bring an unstudied mood to an intimate dinner party.

Set of 2.

Pipistrello Table Lamp

Pipistrello by Martinelli Luce is a whimsical table lamp created by the Italian designer Gae Aulenti in 1965. The name of the luminaire, Pipistrello, comes from the Italian word for bat, alluding to the playful and distinctive shape of the opal white shade that resembles the wings of a bat.

The height of the lamp can be adjusted with the telescopic steel base, and especially at its maximum height, the lamp can also be used as a floor lamp.

Paperpulp Vase Low

In the year 2009 Debbie Wijskamp developed her own building material from recycled paper, which she uses to create a collection of cupboards, vases and other table objects.

Paperpulp Vase Low is available in both black or natural. Please specify the colour of interest in your enquiry.