Handmade Coloured Glassware – Set of 4

Available in 11 colours, these beautiful glasses are handmade and have been carefully curated in sets of 4.

Please enquire if you are after a particular combination or wish to purchase the spotty coloured glasses (available in both blue or pink).

1. Cobalt, Blond, Emerald, Mint
2. Fuchsia, Acid Yellow, Rose, Cherry
3. Gold, Cherry, Shadow, Emerald

Glassware comes as a set of 4

Assorted Collection of Design Books

A curated collection of books, selected from some of our favourite artists, designers and visual references.

1. JB Blunk

2. Luciano Giubbilei

3. Fashion Eye Berlin, Peter Lindergh (Louis Vuitton)

4. Tsuyoshi Maekawa, Koichi Kawasaki

5. Axel Vervoordt: Wabi Inspirations

6. Fashion Eye Morocco, Vincent Van De Wijngaard (Louis Vuitton)

7. Axel Vervoodt: Living with Light

8. Luigi Ghirri: Cardboard Landscapes

9. Charlotte Perriand: Inventing a New World

10. Joseph Dirand: Interior

11. Brancusi: Sublimation of Form

12. Axel Vervoordt: Stories and Reflections

Further information is available upon request.

Bespoke Brass Cabinet

A custom cabinet, designed by Pasquale Cook, was lined in walnut timber veneer and clad in a burnished, oil-rubbed brass, exemplifies the highly-customised approach used throughout the residence.

Further information regarding bespoke cabinets are available upon request.

Snoopy Table Lamp

Snoopy table lamp from Flos is designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. The lampshade is made of lacquered metal and the base of white marble. The lamp is provided with a dimmable switch so that you easily can adjust the brightness by simply touching the dimming button. Snoopy provides a direct, soft lighting that is easily reflected against the bright marble base. The unique design that is inspired by the Snoopy character was created in 1967, and the lamp has become a classic detail in many homes ever since.

Assorted Serax Jugs

As a visual protest against traditional jugs and carafes, which, according to Anita Le Grelle, are often dull and far too straight, the quirky designer created a series of jugs with a special form, turning them into eyecatchers on any table.

Terre de Rêves Jug, Dark Blue – 23h x 7d cm
Smokey Blue Oil Jug & Stopper – 35h x 8d cm

Simon Candelabra

The branches of the candleholder by Borek Sipek design are pushing up with sinuous curves, as if they were shoots of a wild plant.

*Items are vintage and therefore sold as seen or described. This vintage item remains fully functional and shows minor cosmetic wear which is consistent with age and use.

Nomade Stripe & Spotty Salad Bowl

The souvenirs from Italy from Serax’s Table nomade collection, feature the blue colour of the sea and the sky. The terracotta salad bowls with sloping edges is hand painted. A series with a contemporary look that will bring a summer vibe to the table, regardless of the season.

Spotty Salad Bowl Medium – 33d x 9.5h cm
Stripe Salad Bowl Large – 39d x 8h cm